Arrow Comes Home

21/04/2021 - ore 10:00

Non perdere le ultime novità in materia di tecnologia e di innovazione: unisciti ad Arrow Electronics  e prendi parte, direttamente dalla tua postazione, ad Arrow Comes Home.


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  • Dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 11.00


Microchip: PolarFire® SoC the Industry’s Lowest Power Multi-Core RISC-V SoC FPGA  

Introduction to the Microchip’s PolarFire® SoC FPGA family, the first system on chip (SoC) field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with a deterministic, coherent RISC-V CPU cluster enabling Linux and real-time applications. PolarFire® SoC is able to deliver an unparalleled combination of low power consumption, thermal efficiency, defense grade security in a small form factor with superior performances as demonstrated by EEMBC CoreMark®-Pro published benchmarks. PolarFire® SoC devices deliver up to 50% lower power than alternative FPGA solutions, with densities upto 460k logic elements (LEs), featuring 1.6GHz DDR4 memory interfaces and 12.7G transceivers. PolarFire® SoC is ideally suited for secure, power-efficient compute in a wide range of applications that include Image processing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Industrial Automation, Transportation, Automotive and Medical. A demo session based on the Icicle Kit is included to demonstrate the development and debugging of a bare-metal application within the SoftConsole environment.

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