Arrow Comes Home

18/03/2021 - ore 10:00

Non perdere le ultime novità in materia di tecnologia e di innovazione: unisciti ad Arrow Electronics  e prendi parte, direttamente dalla tua postazione, ad Arrow Comes Home.


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  • Dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 11.00


Toshiba’s unique technologies for optimized motor control solutions

Discover how Toshiba is supporting various motor control needs with the unique technologies and features implemented into the Motor Control devices and MOSFETs, helping to solve typical application issues such as step loss, stall, energy efficiency optimization, power losses, space restriction and external component count.
We’ll have a look at the proposed components for stepper-, brushed DC-, brushless DC motor control and address various application segments such as coffee machine, air flow, toys, home/industrial cleaning, gardening tools and battery powered applications.

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