Arrow Comes Home

20/10/2020 - ore 15:00

Non perdere le ultime novità in materia di tecnologia e di innovazione: unisciti ad Arrow Electronics  e prendi parte, direttamente dalla tua postazione, ad Arrow Comes Home.


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  • Dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 16.00

AMS Chipscale Multi-Spectral Sensing – New technology for new applications

Three years ago, AMS created the low-cost multi-spectral market by introducing chipscale products that could replace spectrometer solutions that cost 10-100x more. These chipscale solutions are aimed at a diverse set application spaces including laboratory or process control fluid analysis systems, water monitoring and fabric identification in washing machines, and low-cost precision color measurement instruments. Plus advances in machine learning are enabling all new experimentation approaches that can make it cost effective to simply try a selection of multi-spectral sensors to see what works best for them. In this presentation, we’ll look at several representative application spaces, as well as share the demos, tools and kits that enable this exciting new technology approach to “see the invisible differences” with AMS visible and near-IR sensors.

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